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CADD Anti-Drink-Drive Workshops

CADD is uniquely placed as the only registered charity in the UK dedicated to combatting the problem of drink and drug driving. As many of our members are victims of drunken and irresponsible drivers, we know at first hand the dangers of driving when unfit due to an excess of drugs, especially alcohol.

Our hard-hitting workshops are very popular with many organizations where drink-driving is a particular problem. Such organizations include, but are not limited to, the armed forces, transport companies such as haulage, taxi and bus companies, insurance firms and all companies with fleet vehicles.

What makes our workshops so effective is that all of our experienced facilitators have been bereaved due to drink and/or drug drivers - this fact tends to focus the minds of the participants and emphasizes the dangers involved.

The workshops can be specially tailored to meet any needs, but tend to follow the format of :-

  • A one-hour interactive multimedia presentation involving the facilitator and the audience
  • Followed by a 20-minute comfort break
  • Followed by a one-hour personal presentation by a victim of drink and/or drug driving
  • And finally, an opportunity for discussion and questions and answers from the floor

At the end of the workshop, participants are invited to sign a CADD safe-driver contract - for more details on this unique initiative, please click here.

We welcome groups of any size - our facilitators can visit you at your site anywhere in the United Kingdom, or we can hold the workshop in our conference room at our offices in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, depending on your preference.

If you would be interested in having a workshop from CADD for your organization, please contact us to discuss availability, your specific needs and costings.

CADD Impact Workshops for Schools and other Institutions

The workshops CADD offers are tailor made for each audience. Content will be decided by the school and CADD. We can focus on different aspects of road/ car crime and social responsibility and can cover all aspects within any given workshop. Subjects you may like us to cover can include drink driving, speeding, stolen cars, underage driving or driving without documentation.

We work with Schools (years 7 through to 11), 6th form Colleges, Youth Clubs, After School Clubs, School Projects, Pupil Referral Units, Secure Units, N.A.C.R.O. and with Youth Offending teams all over the Country. We also work with the Prison Service. In addition we offer training to Family Liaison Officers and Traffic Police.

Students receiving information from a victim

The School ‘Impact’ workshop consists of:-

  1. Introduction and caution of the emotional content
  2. Show the SCARD/South Yorkshire Police video, “Stolen Cars, Stolen Lives”
  3. Personal story from a REAL VICTIM battling with all the effects that a road/car crime and death/or injury can have on an individual/ families and community
  4. Questions/ Feedback/ comments/ observations and the opportunity to look at sentencing policies and the unacceptability of road crime in general.

Following the presentation, evaluation sheets will be given out to supervisors and course attendees which we would appreciate you filling in to give us an idea of your impressions of the presentation and how useful you found it.

For further information, please click here

CADD workshops have been very well received by all participants and are without doubt very thought provoking. Feedback from young people and from tutors confirms that there is a desperate need for this very important service that we offer.

Our workshops provide funding for all the other services we offer and donations can be negotiable by “workshop” or by the “day”.

The workshops are run in association with our sister organisation S.C.A.R.D (Support and Care After Road Death and injury)

To order a workshop for your school or organisation, please contact us

For a printable leaflet about CADD workshops, please click here (650 KBytes).

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