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Award Winning Festive Anti Drink Drive ADS

In conjunction with JWT, CADD steps in when Government fails victims of Drink Drivers

Voted Best Ads of the week!




Anti Drink Drive Christmas 2011 DVD  


Here is a new Anti-Drink Driving Campaign DVD for Christmas 2011. The DVD was produced by Pete Middleton Pictures and it can be viewed via YouTube HERE Warning: Some viewers may find disturbing

Like us, Pete Middleton Pictures feel strongly about the devastation that Drink Driving causes and believe something needs to be done to make more people aware of their actions.

Pete Middleton Pictures are a small production company based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and aim to get the message out in the most extreme way and hope that it works. Sharing the same passion as CADD we want to make more people aware of the dangers of drink driving.

Copies of the DVD are available for a small price. please contact Pete Middleton Pictures by email at: internationalpix@aol.co.uk  



Drinking - Know Your Limits


Do you know your limit?

Know Your Limits


Drink Driving Results 2010

Click HERE for 2010 results


How Much is a Unit?



Cadd have been approached on numerous occasions asking the question How much is a Unit? This is a question that is difficult to answer as there are many contributing factors. Please see the table below, recently released by the NHS



How Much is a unit?

1 unit is 10ml (8g) of pure alcohol in a 25ml single measure of spirits (ABV 40%), a third of a pint of strong lager (ABV 5.2%) or half a 175ml 'standard' glass of red wine (ABV 12%). ABV stands for 'alcohol by volume'.

Different brands may be stronger or weaker, some manufacturers put the number of units on bottles and cans, but you can always ask bar staff if you are not sure. That way you can keep count of units when you're out drinking.




Road Death Figures Down

The number of people killed on British roads fell by 16% this spring, provisional figures from the Department for Transport have shown.

There were a total of 470 deaths in the period April-June 2010, a drop on the same period last year.

The number of those killed or seriously injured (KSI) was 6% down at 6,620. The overall casualty figure, including all deaths and all injuries, was 53,100, which is 3% down on the April-June 2009 total.

Casualty rates for all types of road user fell in the period, except pedal cyclists among whom KSIs rose 5% to 850 and total casualties were up 5%.

The report showed that child casualties, classed as deaths and injuries to those aged under 16, were down 2%. Yet the provisional figures showed that the total of child pedestrian KSIs was 470 in April-June 2010 compared with 469 in the same period last year.

The total child pedestrian casualties rose 2% to 2,210. The biggest drop in KSIs was for car users, with the number killed or seriously injured falling 12% to 2,350.

The figures mean that the provisional number of people killed on the roads in the 12 months to June 2010 was 1,990 - a 19% dip on the previous year.


Everyone knows recycling is good for the environment, but did you know that recycling is also good for CADD? We have just partnered with the experts at the Recycling Appeal to launch an exciting new fundraising initiative that recycles mobile phones and used printer cartridges – and we want you to be part of it!

If you use a printer or fax machine, each spent cartridge could earn CADD around £1. Any old mobile phones in your cupboards? Each used mobile phone is worth around £5 - estimates suggest there are close to 90 million handsets hiding in drawers and cupboards in the UK so if any of these are yours, why not use them to raise valuable funds for us? Or, consider getting your employer involved – recycling is a great way for companies to go green!

Taking part is easy – simply visit www.recyclingappeal.com and click the ‘Recycle Now’ button. If you have product to send in, you will either receive a freepost envelope or a call from a member of the Recycling Appeal team to coordinate a free collection. To ensure the funds your products raise are directed to CADD, simply insert our name in the ‘Collecting For’ field. Alternatively, call 08451 30 20 10 to join our Recycling Appeal.

Your participation in this recycling campaign will raise greatly needed funds for our organisation. If you have any further questions about CADD’s Recycling Appeal, please call the Recycling Appeal team on 08451 30 20 10.


Are you sympathetic and a good listener? Would you like to help people from the comfort of your own home? Then why not volunteer to be a helpliner? We urgently need helpline staff who would like to work either on a regular basis or as back up when one of our regular helpliners can't work on a particular day.

The CADD helpline offers an invaluable service to people caught up in the trauma of road death and injury, and provides support and practical advice to people when they most need it. You can really make a difference by being a CADD helpliner, and it is a rewarding and satisfying experience.

If you are interested and would like more information about being a helpline volunteer, please contact us.

Last Updated 2nd December 2011


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